Diversity Training

Do you want gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender staff and customers to feel valued?

Would you like a fun and interactive way to raise awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues?

I have devised a training seminar based on a quiz that engages and challenges people. The answers provide a wealth of useful information about:

  • Recent legal changes
  • Key facts about the LGBT Community
  • Famous people - alive and dead
  • Examples of discrimination and how to avoid it
  • Resources including 40 organisations serving the LGBT community

The cost of the 2-hour seminar is £350. This price includes your own copy of a colourful pdf of the quiz, click here for a sample section of the quiz, which you can use as a constant resource on your intranet or print as a 24-page resource pack. It can be tailored to your organisation with a message from your chief executive and contact details of local organisations.

If you would like a copy of the resource pack only, this can be supplied for £150.

My credentials include:

  • Running the website, www.gay-friendly-wedding-venues.com
  • Giving seminars about LGBT issues to hoteliers and local councils
  • Writing a book, A Very Pink Wedding, published by Harper Collins
  • Writing regular articles about legal issues for G3 magazine aimed at lesbian and bisexual women
  • Volunteering at a coming out group for over five years
  • Writing a book, The Pink Guide to Adoption for gay men and lesbians

Contact details
Nicola Hill

020 8806 9893

Email me today to find out more about the seminar or resource pack

"The feedback was very positive. Happy to recommend you to other organisations."

Marie Gadsden, Kingston Council

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