Gift list services

Professionals in the Gift list services category are listed in the county in which they are based. However, some will cover other counties. To get a greater choice and find all the providers that cover your county, click first on your country in the menu bar on this page eg England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and then the county eg Somerset.

National providers:

Lavender Lifestyles - How do you tell your friends and family what you would like as a wedding gift but ensure they do not all get you the same thing? Set up a Wish List at Lavender Lifestyles!

Original Watercolours - Give your friends something different for their special day. Reasonably priced original paintings.

Stonewall - With a Stonewall gift list your guests will have the opportunity to ditch the matching tea sets and mark your ceremony with a gift of lasting value.

The Alternative Wedding List - Part of, The Alternative Wedding List is the UKĀ's on-line charitable wedding list service.

The Bottom Drawer - The Bottom Drawer is the ideal gift list registry service for couples who have already set-up their home and do not want another toaster!

West Sussex:

Zimmer Stewart Gallery - Why not select a work of art as part of your gift list

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Make sure you don't get five toasters! Your guests will want to bring gifts so let them know what you really want by using a professional gift list service.

If you are just moving in together then it is perfect for filling your new home. Imagine yourself in every room and think what you might need.

If you have been together a while, and think you have everything what about some unusual gifts? What about experiences you haven't shared with your partner - flying lessons, balloon rides, riding lessons?

You could also ask friends and family to club together and buy vouchers at your favourite stores, so you can choose what you want.

Make sure you have smaller items on your list for people, especially if they are spending a lot of money travelling to your wedding - perhaps CDs, wine, cookery books, plants for your garden.

You could also be completely altruistic and ask for donations to your favourite charity - how about Stonewall?