Health, hair and beauty

Professionals in the Health, hair and beauty category are listed in the county in which they are based. However, some will cover other counties. To get a greater choice and find all the providers that cover your county, click first on your country in the menu bar on this page eg England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and then the county eg Somerset.


Think Teeth Dental Studio - Having the smile that you have always wanted on your big day.


Anne Veck Hair - Anne Veck is one of the UKĀ's most talented bridal hairdressers.

Make sure you look on tip top form for your wedding by using the services of one of the health and beauty specialists listed above.

In the run up to your wedding, you may want to lose some weight to get into those outfits and prepare yourself for the first night of married bliss!

Perhaps you need to join a gym or team up with a mate to go running, swimming or cycling at least twice a week. offers an extensive range of fitness equipment from leading manufacturers, all at incredible web prices!

Before you choose your outfit, you might like to get your colours done - it is amazing how much better you can look if you wear colours that suit your skin tone and hair colour.

Other things you might want to think about in the run up to the big day, are getting a fake tan, sorting out any dentistry issues, buying contact lenses.

However, your partner loves you the way you are so don't go overboard!

On the day itself or just before you might want to have a new hair cut, guys may want to have a shave at the barbers to get that smooth kissable feel. You might also want a massage to help you relax before the big day.

You also want to think about your nails - don't want all those photographs of the rings being spoilt!

Then there's all that make-up, make sure your mascara is waterproof - in case you get all emotional!