Nicola and Laura tie the knot

The wedding was wonderful - better than we could ever have imagined.

Our friends and family did a great job handing out the order of service scrolls and tissues wrapped in ribbon as well as ushering people to their seats.

Meanwhile, we waited in the registrar's reception area, getting nervous and excited.

John and James handing out tissues and scrolls

At four-thirty on 21 April 2007, Laura and I started our journey up the marble staircase of Camden Town Hall. I thought we would only be accompanied by the registrar but our photographer, Paul Demuth and some friends and family were acting like the paparazzi, snapping away and running backwards, ahead of us, as we approached the council chamber.

nicola and laura coming up the stairs

We walked in to the sound of Laura's piano teacher playing Dr Gradus ad Parnassum from Debussy's Children's Corner Suite. Over 90 friends and family had gathered from all around the world - it was very overwhelming to see everyone in their finery, all smiling at us.

The chamber is like a theatre in the round with wood-panelled seats and a gallery. Twelve key players, representing different parts of our lives, set the scene by standing up wherever they were and reading out different love quotes.

Sarah saying love poem

My mother then read a poem and Laura and I followed this by reading out poems which acted as promises of how we would love each other. Another friend, Anne, then gave a reading. We gave each other rings and signed the register with our sisters as witnesses.

nicola and laura with witnesses

When the ceremony was over everyone came down to the centre stage to congratulate us. Friends and family then lined the marble staircase and Laura and I swept down it to rapturous applause - one day we'll be movie stars, so you have to get into practice!

coming down the stairs lined with guests

To prove we aren't completely above our station, yet, we were driven away in our campervan, decked out in pink ribbons. It also had a very handy bottle of Champagne in the fridge.

our camper van

At the Canal Museum, we were greeted by toastmaster, Peter York, dressed in red coat and black trousers.

peter york toastmaster

Guests enjoyed delicately dipping strawberries and marshmallows in the chocolate fountain and sipping Champagne.

chocolate fountain

It was a sunny day, so we mingled on the terrace of the museum overlooking Regent's canal.

group on terrace

Laura and I then gathered everyone around us to make short speeches, which were followed by two speeches and a toast from our best friends.

cousin philip giving speech

people toasting us

We then had a delicious buffet supper, cooked up by Yumarooney caterers.

having supper

Laura and I changed into new outfits - a strapless red number for me and an aqua blue cocktail dress and matching feather boa, for my lady wife. Peter York announced our arrival and we took the first dance.

first dance

Friends and family then danced the night away to our friend's band, twisting and twirling in a merry frenzy.

Photo credit: Paul Demuth

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