Professionals in the Toastmasters category are listed in the county in which they are based. However, some will cover other counties. To get a greater choice and find all the providers that cover your county, click first on your country in the menu bar on this page eg England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and then the county eg Somerset.

National providers:

Peter Headington Toastmaster - I will make sure your day goes smoothly, efficiently and without worries.

Peter Whitehead - Why take risks, hand the organisation of your special day to a trained professional.

Top Gay Friendly Toastmaster Peter York - Peter will make sure your special day is a roaring success.

Towncrier Peter York - Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! If you would like your civil partnership announced by a towncrier, Peter York is your man.

The Man in the Red Coat James Hasler - James will allow you both to really relax and enjoy your celebration so that you can have as much fun as your guests


Chris Upham - As a professionally trained Toastmaster, I am a presenter and organiser. Your celebration will be enhanced by my involvement.


Glenn Mayes - Glenn will enhance your special event, ensuring protocol, etiquette and tradition are considered but delivered to your personal requirments.


Ron Wilson - Allow me to manage your reception and I will add that extra touch of class but still keep a friendly and jovial atmosphere.

Ian Low - As a graduate of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters, Ian Low will be the ideal choice to perform toastmasterĀ's duties.


Class in a Coat - Friendly, efficient and fun, Geoffrey Harris has worked all over the UK.


Stephen T Sanders - You have planned the day, fixed the date and booked the venue. Now you are looking for something special, someone who will ensure that your special day will be a memorable success.


David Wharton - As a graduate of the U.K. School of Professional Toastmasters, David adds style, elegance and something that is a unique to your event.


Tim Parry - Warm-hearted, efficient and funny, I will help to add a touch of style to your special day.


Top Two Toastmasters - Peter York and Eric Gill have teamed up to provide you with an excellent service across Wiltshire.

Eric Gill - Eric Gill is The Wedding Specialist and will make your wedding day dreams come true.


Howard Jones - Professionally trained to Royal Event standard, Howard will visit clients at home or the venue, to advise and discuss their plans.

West Sussex:

Steve Eggleton - I am noted for my relaxed and friendly approach.

To make your wedding day go according to plan, make sure you have a gay friendly toastmaster or master of ceremonies to orchestrate proceedings.

You don't want the hassle of trying to organise everyone on your wedding day - you just want to enjoy it. A professional toastmaster will make sure that your guests glide through the day, moving into the right room at the right time, give their speeches in the right order and dance when they are suppposed to!

Toastmasters are professionally trained and accredited and will make your day go smoothly.

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