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I've only been on the site a few weeks and already have had several enquiries for blessings.

Reverend Steve Smith

Thanks for providing such an excellent and affordable service, especially as you seem so high up on any Google search - well done!!

Justin Heraty-Plant, Ratheruseful.co.uk

Good to see the site going from strength to strength. We have been receiving enquiries from it on a regular basis. It's a very useful resource.

Paul McNicoll, Revenue Manager, The Angel Hotel, Cardiff

Just for the record, I was very impressed with your site and I thought it was a brilliant idea - my friend married his partner a couple of months ago, and they had a lot of trouble finding somewhere that was willing to do it.

They had got so far as booking a local hotel, everything was going full steam ahead - when the hotel rang and said they didn't want to do it after all, as they 'didn't want the publicity'. My friend ended up having to book somewhere else at short notice, and it wasn't half as nice as some of the other places available, as they were all booked by then.

Very disappointing to encounter that attitude, and from what you have said on your site, you've encountered the same thing yourselves. So good on you for the site, keep up the good work.

Nicola Richards, Piskie Creations

We are glad to be given the opportunity to introduce some of our 20 wedding venues in Scotland through gay-friendly-wedding-venues.com to the gay and lesbian community. This audience is very important for us and highly rated not only with regards to ceremonies but also as members and supporters of the Trust and with regards to various business relationships. To reflect this we give away an annual membership for each couple tying the knot at any of our properties. We are looking forward to welcoming more and more gay and lesbian couples at our properties and will do our best to make their special day a truly memorable experience.'

Geraldine Graf, Head of Travel Trade and Hospitality at The National Trust for Scotland

Our first Civil Partnership ceremony is due to take place at the Ardencote Manor Hotel in April of 2006. The proactive management team at the hotel have been at the forefront in the promotion of the venue on leading internet sites including gay-friendly-wedding-venues.com, and realise the potential growth for celebratory events for the legal recognition of same sex couple relationships.

Wedding Co-ordinator, Ardencote Manor Hotel, Country Club & Spa

EXCELLENT, BRILLIANT, GREAT. Thanks, it looks better then my website, should have got you two to design my site! Even my husband said it's really good.

Proprietor, Thames Boat Hire

I have three bookings already for civil partnership ceremonies, all wanting vintage cars. I am happy to be part of celebrations that give couples an opportunity to formally declare their commitment to each other.'

Ivan Odds, Odds Car Hire

Port Lympne is delighted to be at the forefront of this new development, now that society legally recognises Civil Partnerships. We have already been approached by couples who have been together for many years and who are really excited that they can now cement their partnership. It's great for us to be able to offer them a perfect venue for their big day.

Paul Elliott, General Manager, Port Lympne Mansion

Your web site is fantastic, it put us in touch with the photographer we are going to use David Pullum, and also helped us with facts about the civil partnership and what is needed to organise the big day. What a blind friendly site yours is, and a pleasure to use. You would be surprised how many sites use flash players, and that immediately causes problems for our screen reading software.

Lee, Merseyside